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The Light of the World
David Element reminds us that when Jesus came into the world he came as God's light to lighten up the darkness of man's ungodliness and calls for believers to continue to bring that same light of Christ, sourced from our own relationship with Jesus, to be reflected in our lives within and without the church. 1 John 1:1-10
Duration: 46:09
Date Recorded: 12/01/2019

Our Hearts and Relationship with God
Jared Dell'Oca explains why God places a lot of emphasis on our hearts. Our relationship with Him begins with and is subsequently expressed through the very seat of our emotions and aspirations. The surrender of our hearts to love Him who has loved us leads to the outward evidence of such in all that we do and say, which will naturally be attuned after His own heart.
Duration: 25:19
Date Recorded: 11/24/2019

7 Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible - 3 Prophecy
Part 2 of a 7 part series exploring reasons why we should trust the Bible. Alan Trowbridge examines why the Bible's prophecies stand out for their precision and clarity. These include, naming historically significant people and their equally significant actions long before they were even born; pinpointing places and describing what would happen to them in such detail that we can see for ourselves the fulfilment even today; and providing important, prophetic identification of Jesus so that, without doubt, we might believe that he is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing we may have life through his name.
Duration: 34:26
Date Recorded: 11/17/2019

How to Handle Discipline
Pastor Mark Topp continues his reflections on the Apostle Paul's guidance and challenges to the Corinthian church by addressing another unpopular subject first raised by the Apostle, that of church discipline. Failing to listen to and act upon the conviction of the Holy Spirit as He leads us into holiness through obedience, either individually or collectively, only weakens and injures our loving fellowship with God and with one another. 1 Corinthians Ch. 5
Duration: 41:53
Date Recorded: 11/10/2019

Lydia Topp appeals to all to commit to draw near to Jesus as he is the only true way to be both free from sin and to let God's Holy Spirit work within us to produce much more desirable and godly characteristics. John Ch. 15:1-17, Galatians Ch. 5:22
Duration: 45:38
Date Recorded: 11/03/2019

Sex in Sin City
Pastor Mark Topp continues his exploration of Paul's first message to the Corinthian church. He had heard that the church was letting the city's casual approach to sexuality encroach upon the right teaching of God's commandments for healthy relationships between humans. Rather than shying away in embarrassment of the subject of our God given intimacy and it's right expression, Mark, as did our apostle before him, confronts this head-on. 1 Corinthians Ch. 5 (inc. video footage from Pastor Steven Furtick's sermon 'Sex is Good', from Elevation Church -
Duration: 53:33
Date Recorded: 10/27/2019

Refocus on Jesus
Bali Rodgers of Refocus Project brings encouragement to the church and to all people to embrace God's reality above our own; to walk by faith and the leading of his Holy Spirit rather than in own limited ability and understanding. She shares some of the amazing ways in which God has spoken to her and used her in totally unexpected ways, beginning with her own powerful deliverance from emotional and psychiatric torment and self destruction. (
Duration: 0
Date Recorded: 10/20/2019

No Division Here
Pastor Mark Topp continues his series taking us through our apostle, Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church. He reminds us of the individual root causes for divisions within the church and the damaging fallout that results. There is an antidote; to look to encourage and to build up one another in unity and fellowship through the spirit of love and grace given us in Jesus. 1Corinthians ch. 4
Duration: 49:39
Date Recorded: 10/13/2019

Greater Than Gold
David Element rekindles our passions for God’s word, reminding us of its awesome wonder, beauty and true worth; something worth getting excited over with longing to learn more and to hear the things God wants to share with us both together and individually. Psalm 119 v 129-136
Duration: 58:25
Date Recorded: 10/06/2019

Breaking Limits
Bart Gee brings his own uplifting testimony of how God has empowered him to overcome his disability, to achieve what doctors advised would be beyond his limits. Bart now travels widely to tell others what God has done for him and to encourage people everywhere to believe in Jesus and know the truth of His promises in their own lives.
Duration: 45:34
Date Recorded: 09/29/2019